recreation center, Cartagena, españa


It is an old municipal building, located in a rural area of Cartagena, and close to the protected natural area of the Sierra de la Muela, Cabo Tiñoso and Roldán Natural Park.
The building to be rehabilitated is located in Tallante, Cartagena, Region of Murcia, Spain. It is located in the so-called West Zone of Campo de Cartagena, Casas del Molino area, forming part of the Campo Nubla region.

The old Tallante Farm School is a municipal building built, according to cadastral data, in 1980. It has a constructed area of 470 m² of building, located on a plot of more than 1 hectare of available land.

The built space consists of two buildings, with the following surfaces:

  • Main building:
    • Ground Floor: 381.31 m2
    • First Floor: 25 m2
  • Secondary Building, built later:
    • Ground Floor: 244.46 m2

El edificio de Tallante, ha presentado distintas actividades de explotación, tales como, albergue juvenil, edificio multiusos para los vecinos, siendo su última ocupación como granja-escuela. Actualmente en desuso, su estado de conservación necesita mejoras para recuperar su habitabilidad.

In addition, being an old building, it does not have the best energy efficiency measures.

The building has a great potential to revitalize the territory, due to its location and its large plot, where it is possible to develop multiple activities.

Rehabilitate the Tallante building so that it has a social and dynamic function of the territory, with sustainability criteria.

Products of the Territorial Dialogue:

  • Building rehabilitation plan.
  • Building use plan.


Initial BIM model of the existing building

The collaborative platform, developed by CETENMA, allows local interest groups and the general public to view the virtual 3D model of the pilot building, learn about its properties and make suggestions and modifications to it. The objective is that the Stakeholders that participate in the Territorial Dialogue process became an active part of the building renovation project. Their contributions will help to achieve the desired objective for the future of the building.

Through the BIM model, the structural and energy simulations of the proposed solutions will be carried out by experts. The result are shown in what we call senarios, that can be visualized, in order to facilitate decision-making in the rehabilitation of the building.

DISCOVER the final stage of REHABILITATION of pilot building, as a result of the TERRITORIAL DIALOGUE process. 

To analyze and get to know the building in depth, you can navigate through the model by taking a tour of the different spaces. You can use the full screen option for better viewing.

Select the element of the model, on which you want to suggest a change (for example a window, equipment, room, among others), leave your name and write your comment.