We count with a wide range of equipment to carry out R&D&I projects in:

Wastes and sub-products valorization: anaerobic digestion and co-digestion:

· Calorimetric analyser for wastes, biomass, biofuels, diesel, gasoline, mineral oils, etc. (HHV and LHV)

· Thermogravimetric analysis (moistures, ash and volatiles) for organic samples characterization, use as fuel viability, decomposition and thermal stability studies, gasification studies, pyrolysis and combustion processes simulation.

· Biogas composition analysis for characterization and purity measurement.

· Biomethanisation Potential Test for characterising wastes, sub-products and mixtures. Biodegradability curve, inhibition.

· Semi-continuous pilot test for the process of anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge (wet and dry). Operational conditions optimization. Anaerobic digestion of waste water (UASB reactor).

· Composition analysis of biogas from anaerobic fermentation processes.

· Composition analysis of biogas from anaerobic fermentation processes.

· Combined wastewater treatment pilot plant (physic-chemical, aerobic, UASB reactor).

· Digester bench.

R&D&I Thermal valorization of wastes: pyrolysis

· Pyrolysis of plastics, biomass, organic wastes, sewage sludge, etc.

· Semi-continuous pyrolysis reactor.

· Determination of the weight losses/temperature curves.

· Continuous measurement of the composition of syngas.

R&D&I optimization studies for waste management

· Quantification and characterization of wastes/sub-products towards the definition of recycling, reutilization, treatment and final disposal strategies.

· Reduction by evaporation of the volume of waste disposal.

· Dry anaerobic digestion of urban solid wastes.

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