CETENMA is seen as a R&D&I reference for water treatment companies since 2000 year. Our main asset is our Pilot Area featuring the main state-of-the-art water treatment technologies, which provide you with highly valuable information of your process. Pilots enable us to evaluate the technical and economic viability of new, or modified, processes, establishing the optimum operational parameters to be up-scaled to industrial size. This is seen as a highly efficient tool to reduce investment and operational costs associated to large-scale plants.

We offer a wide range of ground-breaking pilot tests for the evaluation of urban or industrial waste water treatments, oil/water separation, emulsion breaker, elimination of toxic/persistent compounds, metal precipitation, desalinization, drinking water purification, disinfection, water regeneration, bath recovery, selective recuperation of compounds, purification, demineralization, treatment and concentration of liquid effluents, sewage sludge concentration and water degasification.

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