We provide you tailor-made assessments to identify which measuring equipment needs to be monitored, to develop control plans and to verify and calibrate them.

DC current and low frequency Area:

Our multifunction calibration system accredited by an external company (ENAC) represent a reference standard for the determination of properties such as intensity, power, tension, phase angle, energy and resistance. Some of the instrumentation that we calibrate are: measuring devices, multimeters, oscilloscopes and clamp meters.

Optical and global solar irradiancy area:

We perform calibration of pyranometers according to the norm ISO 9847:1992 by comparing with a reference pyranometer certified by ENAC.

Temperature area:

We calibrate thermometers and thermopars, characterise isotherm media such as muffles, ovens or fridges by using reference thermometers calibrated with the International temperature scale according to CEM reference procedures.

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