Chambon sur Voueize Daycare, FRANCE


The current daycare of Chambon sur Voueize is in such bad shape that a new one has to be buit in order to welcome the kids of the village (around 1,000 inhabitants) and of the surrounding villages.

The new building will be located in the commune of Chambon sur Voueize, in the intermunicipality of Creuse Confluence, in the east of the Creuse department in France.

The new daycare will be exemplary in terms of efficiency. It will be built in coherence with the other existing facilities in the village to optimize synergies and mutualize running costs. The kids will be involved in the monitoring of its energy and water consumptions after the project in order to raise awareness on these challenges and reach out to the parents. vez, sensibilizar a los padres, a estos desafíos.

This new building must ensure the continuity of the service already offered in the commune in the old building, but also allow it to adapt to the evolution of the territory’s child and youth care strategy. It is therefore necessary to design an efficient building that is in line with the needs of the children and the staff.

Construct an efficient building for children and youth in Chambon-sur-Voueize that guarantees the comfort of the children by linking it with the educational project. 

Products of the Territorial Dialogue:

  • Building construction project
  • Pedagogical project


The collaborative platform, developed by CETENMA, allows local interest groups and the general public to view the virtual 3D model of the pilot building, learn about its properties and make suggestions and modifications to it. The objective is that the stakeholders participating in the Territorial Dialogue process became an active part of the building renovation project. Their contributions will help to achieve the desired objective for the future of the building.

Through the BIM model, the structural and energy simulations of the proposed solutions will be carried out by experts. The result are shown in what we call senarios, that can be visualized, in order to facilitate decision-making in the rehabilitation of the building.

ACCESS the building BIM model in an intuitive way and LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS 

To analyze and get to know the building in depth, you can navigate through the model by taking a tour of the different spaces. You can use the full screen option for better viewing.

Select the element of the model, on which you want to suggest a change (for example a window, equipment, room, among others), leave your name and leave your comment.