CETENMA will evaluate the circularity and sustainability of biobased products in the BIORADAR project framework

BIORADAR is a Horizon Europe project (101112457 – HORIZON-JU-CBE-2022, https://doi.org/10.3030/101112457) that identifies circularity opportunities in industrial bio-based systems through biological and technical loops.

The challenge

The development of a bio-based economy has been emphasised in European Green Deal to decrease dependency on non-renewable energy and material resources, maintain food security, and decarbonize the economy. However, considering limited land and biological resources in the EU, sustainable development of industrial bio-based systems calls for special attention to resource consumption and the environmental, economic, and social impacts of such systems on the EU and beyond.

What BIORADAR proposes

There is a perceived need for a project which examines the connections between bio-based systems and their applications. It is against this background that the project BIORADAR, a monitoring system of the environmental and social sustainability and circularity of bio-based systems, is being proposed.

In the BIORADAR system vision (Figure 1), industrial bio-based systems are composed of four phases: production of (biological) resources, (biological) processes, transportation, and end-of-life of bio-based products.

BIORADAR takes a system perspective to fill the indicator gap in material circularity, environmental impacts, and social impacts of industrial bio-based systems and develop a digital monitoring tool for bio-based industries, policymakers, certificate companies, traders and investors.


Figure 1 – BIORADAR systems vision

The project has recently begun (July 2023) and is focused on three industrial sectors: fertilisers, packaging and textiles.

CETENMA is directly involved in the selection of bioproducts by developing a scoring system and analysis of those to be evaluated from an economic, environmental and social viewpoint (WP1). Moreover, CETENMA leads the WP2, where a review of the state-of-the-art circularity indicators and their metrics, their evaluation and new propositions for their assessment will be performed.

In order to complete what BIORADAR pretends, as mentioned before, the bio-based systems to be studied must be selected as a first step. To do so, the different bioproducts within each mentioned sector need to be identified, scored and weighted.

To address this first step, the Consortium has created a quick survey to estimate the weight of the considered criteria to select the bioproducts that will be studied in BIORADAR based on the participants’ expertise. In this way, if you are an expert of this field and want to participate, please click on the following link (https://forms.office.com/e/Zcdpp5sbdT) and become in a BIORADAR member.

More information: www.cetenma.es/works/bioradar
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